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Garden Room Ideas – Make the most out of your garden

Many people struggle to find enough room in their homes for everything they need. It might be somewhere to simply dry the dogs after a walk in a muddy field, or maybe somewhere to put a dining table and entertain guests. Whatever your reason to create extra space may be, a garden room can be the ideal solution.

What is a garden room

garden room

A garden room is essentially a conservatory or orangery which has a great view of your garden. We achieve this with buildings such as an alfresco conservatory (pictured).

It could have a solar controlled, self-cleaning glass roof for extra natural light, or our Garden Lounge solid roof for extra insulation. If you want a solid roof but also want natural light, we also offer Velux roof windows!

A handy area between your house and garden

A garden room can be used as a useful area to separate your house and garden, somewhere perfect for muddy boots and pets. With this idea, keep it simple and use it to store garden equipment, outdoor shoes and as a space to clean your pets before you let them on your house carpets.

Dine in style with a great view of your garden

If you’re struggling to find space for a dining table, a garden room is perfect. While you’re eating and entertaining guests, enjoy a fantastic view of your garden. If you already have somewhere to put a dining table, a few sofas and a coffee table turns the room into a great sitting area. The possibilities for your orangery or conservatory are limited only by your imagination.

For more information on our garden rooms, take a look at our website.