Conservatory and Orangery New Builds

Conservatories, Orangeries and Home Extensions in Preston, Chorley, Leyland, Wigan, Lancashire and the North West.

We offer a wide range of orangery, conservatory and home extension designs. Choose from polycarbonate, solar controlled self-cleaning glass or our ultimate performance, fully insulated solid tiled roofing, all individually tailored to suit your needs.

If you have not already done so, please come and visit us at our Leyland orangery and conservatory display site. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be delighted to show you around, chat about your requirements and provide a free estimate and drawing should you require one.

We trust our quotation will meet with your approval, not only in terms of price but also in respect of the high standard of quality, specification and service you will receive from Right Choice should you choose to confirm your order.

Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful new conservatory, orangery or garden lounge as a valuable addition to your home?

Lazy days and warm summer evenings relaxing with friends and family.

How would it feel to have the satisfaction knowing you have chosen one of the highest specified and most desirable home extensions currently available today?

Well, dream no more!

Right Choice can fulfil all your requirements. Whether it be a delightful sitting room, a kitchen extension, an elegant dining room or a new home office, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

From the initial consultation, through design and construction to the final finishing touches we fulfil your every requirement to make that dream a reality.

Choose from our many roofing options, including fully insulated solid tiled, solar controlled self cleaning glass or polycarbonate. Not to mention a choice of coloured foils with traditional or contemporary finishes and features such as our Aspect fixed glazed roof panels, Velux roof windows, bi-folding doors, and more.


We are confident you will find our quality, pricing structure, standard specification and after sales service second to none. If, however, you find a like for like estimate from another conservatory company or general building contractor, just bring along their written quotation and we will be happy to try and help you.

Many of our customers ask us how we can offer our high quality and state of the art specification at such competitive prices. We are about the same price as the average window frame company and considerably less than some other, so called, conservatory and orangery specialists.

The answer is easy. As a true specialist orangery, conservatory and home extension manufacturer, designer and installer our buying power is substantial, enabling us to secure the best possible prices for our quality materials. Our savings are then passed onto you.

We offer a wide range of roof glass including Active Blue and Neutral. All our glass roofs feature cutting edge solar controlled self-cleaning technology. See the 'Pilkington Active Blue Glass Roof' video in our videos section above for more information.

For the ultimate thermal & acoustic glass performance, you may also specify Triple Glazing in your conservatory, orangery or Garden Lounge.

Polycarbonate is a lightweight plastic glazing material, durable and exceptionally strong due to its multi-wall construction. The wide range of colours helps to reduce glare from the sun, reducing solar gain whilst providing privacy. With its competitive pricing it is still a popular choice.

All our roof glazing is fully compatible with our world leading Ultraframe roof system.

The Garden Lounge roof is a fully insulated, lightweight warm roof system. It is constructed using a traditional structural timber skeleton and is exclusively designed, developed and manufactured by our Right Choice roofing joiners in our purpose build workshops.

The Right Choice Garden Lounge roof is ideally suited for a range of new build constructions and due to its lightweight nature, a spectacular replacement roof for your existing conservatory or orangery. Being fully building regulations compliant it is a highly desirable and effective choice should you wish to create a typical kitchen extension, an extra bedroom, a highly functional home office or a delightful light and airy family room, to either transform your existing conservatory or start afresh with a brand-new build.

The flexibility of our roof is unrivalled, with lighting options to personalise your space not to mention the original Velux opening skylights for additional light and ventilation. You can also choose our modern Aspect fixed glazed panels to create the perfect combination of tiles and glass in the one roof.

The Garden Lounge Roof comes as standard with a contemporary lighting pelmet, with the option to install spot downlights but if you prefer you can choose a flat internal ceiling if this better suit your requirements.

Our Right Choice Garden Lounge Roof gives you the choice to create your ultimate all-year round space. Don’t forget to view our solid roofing video on our Videos page.

Only market leading fusion heat welding systems are used to fabricate our side frames and doors, all of which are A rated and fabricated with a multi-chambered profile. All of our frames comply with British standards EN14351-1 and reinforced to BS2989 specification.

We internally glaze all our windows and doors with a low sight line gasket and weather strips incorporating cruciform welded joints. Our profile is produced to ISO9001 - ISO14001 quality certification.

For your peace of mind, we use ultra-high security multi point locking windows. Our windows also come with night vent facility and smooth operation gearboxes. For our doors we use a hook and claw security system to comply with the Association of British Insurers.

Various door options are available including French, sliding patio and multi panel bi-folding door systems. Our frames and doors are available in a full range of colours with window and door furniture upgrades available to match.



All our splayed angled cill joints are formed using fusion heat welding.  This means the cills offer additional structural stability. Combined with our lightweight tiled roof it increases the strength, structural stability and longevity of your installation.

UPVC opening sashes are fitted with multi - point locking and night vent facility. UPVC doors are fitted with three point locking high security hook and claw systems.

Our locking systems comply with The Association of British Insurers (ABI) Guidelines.

Units are assembled using the most up to date machinery and manufacturing procedures. All our glass conforms to BS 6206A. Our standard side frame and door double glazed units are manufactured to 28mm width and roof units to 24mm in width.

For ultimate thermal & acoustic glazing performance we also offer Triple Glazing.

To offer the best structural integrity and performance of your roof our standard glazing panel width is no wider than 900mm. At Right Choice we believe these increases the structural properties of the construction. Whilst some companies compromise this structural integrity in order to reduce manufacturing costs. So for peace of mind, ensure your estimate includes panel widths and roof bar centres up to a maximum of 900mm and request a structural report for your orangery or conservatory roof to be included in your estimate.

When installing UPVC glass or polycarbonate glazed roofs, Right Choice only uses the Ultraframe specialist structural roof system. Having been designed and manufactured over many years, offering exacting standards and pure expertise, the Ultraframe roof system complies with and exceeds all relevant BBA requirements for structural stability and weather performance, combined with a minimum life expectancy of 25 years. Supplying over one million roofs to date, you know you're in safe hands with Ultraframe.

Please view our Ultraframe Roof video on our Videos page.

Our Garden Lounge tiled roof is a fully insulated lightweight solid warm roof and has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years depending on final specification.

Please view our Solid Tiled Roofing video on our Videos page or see our Solid Tiled Roofing page here

All conservatory flashings to the house wall are formed using lead. Where applicable, the lead is fully fitted into raked out mortar joints and is securely held in place with lead fixing clips. Flashings comply with British Standards code of practice BS5516.

As a dedicated specialist, Right Choice only uses structural corner posts. Specifically made for purpose, they are formed at the correct angle required for construction.

Once fixed, the posts do not allow movement of the window side frames to give additional rigidity to the installation.

Unlike some others, we never cut corners on our bases. Our typical base consists of a traditional full concrete strip footing and a solid concrete slab laid over hardcore with a damp proof membrane. External corner angles are constructed using pre-formed squint brick where applicable. Base slabs are fully insulated, as is the cavity wall. Our standard base construction consists of a maximum of four courses of brickwork below the damp proof course of the existing property and seven courses to dwarf wall. Please be aware that on occasions poor ground conditions, location of utility services, tree roots etc will incur extra base costings, as such issues can only be fully determined and quantified during actual excavation of ground works and foundations.

When fabricating UPVC roofs, the world leading Ultraframe roof system offers a specifically designed aluminium ridge profile. The ridge is also constructed with an internal self ventilating option to reduce heat build up.

You may also specify ridge spot downlights as an additional lighting option.

Please see the Ultraframe Roof video on our Videos page for more information.

When installing UPVC glass or polycarbonate glazed roofs, the market leading Ultraframe roof has an aluminium eaves beam featuring a multi-chambered construction. This design achieves a high level of stability and rigidity for the roof structure.

Please see our Ultraframe Roof video on our Videos page for more information.

For our lightweight fully-insulated Garden Lounge roof, the large timber eaves beam corner joints are reinforced with heavy duty steel corner straps. This completely eliminates any possibility of flexing or movement.

Each installation offers a 10-year Consumer Protection Association insurance backed guarantee. For full details please ask for a copy of our CPA literature.

With the above guarantee, combined with our customer care, superb after sales service, market leading specification, first class build quality by professional tradesmen and our attention to detail, Right Choice will provide you with peace of mind over the years and leave you free to enjoy your new Orangery, Conservatory or Garden Lounge as a valuable and highly desirable extension to your home.

A Typical Installation Sequence

The information below has been designed to give you a typical guide and insight into the various stages of the construction of a typical installation.

We hope this information will be of help whilst you are in the process of choosing the best and most reliable company to design manufacture and install your new orangery, conservatory or garden lounge.

If any of your questions are left unanswered, or you wish to discuss in more detail any of the points raised, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Right Choice team who will be happy to offer more help, guidance and advice in relation to your orangery, conservatory or garden lounge home extension requirements.

You will be amazed how little the very best can cost!

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Free 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee T&C’s apply